[DoC Lost Episode] Vincent and Lucrecia dancing


Here is a scene from DoC Lost Episode script … I looked for a long time this scene but I never found it ! So I decided to make it in mmd. It’s not perfect, but I’m glad to share it =)

Here is the script I used to animated the scene :

Everything fades to white and he recalls a scene from long ago,
during his time as a Turk in Shinra Manor.

Lucrecia: Vincent.

Vincent: Yes?

Lucrecia: Dance with me.

She turns on the radio.
Vincent is taken off-guard by her sudden question
and backs away, replying:

Vincent: W-What, no…
no I can’t dance.

Even so, Lucrecia takes his hand and guides him
while beginning to dance.

Lucrecia: So you don’t like me.

Vincent: No, no that’s not
what I…

He is interrupted by the beautiful scientist.

Lucrecia: Then dance with me.

The dance goes on and Lucrecia says:

Lucrecia: See, it isn’t that
bad, is it?

Vincent: Yeah, this isn’t…
too bad.

He then notices the Protomateria, which is lying on
a desk next to them.

Vincent: Huh… isn’t that?

Lucrecia: That’s your…oh
never mind.

Vincent: Is it important?

Lucrecia: Yes, very important.

While dancing, Lucrecia says to Vincent:

Lucrecia: Sometimes… I get so
involved with my research
that I lose myself.

When ever that happens
though, …you always
come to my rescue…
thank you Vincent.

Vincent: What?

Lucrecia: Nothing… I just
wanted to thank you.

Source : http://dirgeofcerberus.webs.com/DC_Lost_Episode_Script.htm

Feel free to use it in your AMV, but just let me know, I would be glad to see it =) And credit please o/

-Animated by me
-Programs : MMD & WMM
-Vincent Turk model : Valforwing
-Lucrecia model : ChochoYatori
-Background : kohakuume6
Lucrecia Crescent & Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII ©SQUARRE ENIX

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Sorry, this one took me a long time… ^^’

Aw, je suis contente d’avoir trouvé une autre française. *u*
Aussi, j’adore ton blog. Je découvre le Tifa x Sephiroth… Ça contrarie les trois quarts de mes couples habituels, mais je crois que j’aime bien. :3

Merci pour la réponse, j’ai bien ris ♥ pauvre petit gégé =p
Ravie que mes petites images de Sephiroth et Tifa te plaises ^o^ J’ai l’art de caser Tifa avec pas mal de monde, je dois bien l’avouer, mais avec Sephiroth c’est un véritable coup de foudre que j’essaie de partager au mieux ♥

Hehehehe, I’m gonna to convert the world to Sephtif !


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Suprise in my Lucrecia tags ! This picture from my DA ^o^ Thanks for share it ♥




Hehe, glad to see my MMD video has been used for this ♥




Hehe, glad to see my MMD video has been used for this ♥

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